Collect words along the trail


You have now walked through the entire poem. Write the words in the poem. You can go read the poem in your favourite, most inspiring place in Old Rauma.


As you wonder the_______________________ (1) streets of the

city of _____________________ (2), everything you see mirrors past existence,

___________s (3) circle above the marketplace,

bells ring in their towers.

You enjoy the present,

and go about your day; break __________________ (4), pour a glass of ________________ (5),

like so many before you,

in these quarters.


You wait for the  ______________________ (6) to _____________________ (7)the  __________________ (8) and the

_____________________ (9) -_______________________________ened (10) __________________ (11),

traces of an old church.

Memories, echoing the past, so unattainable,

like __________________ (12) flying high,

watching us.


Even with memories fragile as _______________ (13),

the ______________________ s (14) beneath your feet, the timber beside you,

they remember, they feel.

Yesterday’s______________________________ (15) set the rhythm of tomorrow,

the ______________s (16) of time serenade us,

and like a __________________ (17) melody, the wind sings the song of the _________________________ (18).

You wonder about future choices with a _____________ (19) in your hand

as the river’s clear _______________ (20) transfers a trout, once again,

under one___________ (21) to another, all the way to the town.

You admire the  ______________ (22), so silent, so___________________ (23),

swimming in the river, under the same illuminating____________________ (24).