9. Fire-surviving city

Old Rauma has been spared from large-scale demolitions and reconstruction, however, the city has suffered a fire. Many old wooden towns have lost their housings in great fires. The last great fire in Rauma was in 1682. Presumably it started from Pungla, house in the east side of the Kauppatori Square. A maid was firing up a baking oven, and there were juniper twigs inside the house, waiting for brewing. Some ember flew on the twigs and the fire spread quickly, so the maid, or anyone else, did not have time to put it out.

Since then, in order to prevent future fires, small windows were built on the attic walls. You can still see these windows in the facades. Fires often started from ceilings or by the chimney, so these small windows revealed the fire at an early stage to the street guards. When the town closed its gates and residents went to sleep, fire guards stayed up to guard the streets.

Every hour, the guards announced: Ten (or eleven or twelve or…) bells toll. May God always guard our city and protect us from __________. Ten bells toll.

Write the correct word in the poem (9) as well.

20-luvun autio tori näkyy hyvin pungla
Market square in 1920´s. Pungla house on the upper right corner