24. Kitukränn

Rauma’s most well-known street, Kitukränn, runs between Kuninkaankatu and Kauppakatu. It is said to be the narrowest street in all of Finland. Kitukränn appeared in the maps for the first time in 1784, when it was marked on a copy of a map drawn by Daniel Gadolin in 1756. However, the street is probably even older than that. The width of the street varies between 213 and 263 centimetres, and it is approximately 60 metres long. The last part of the name comes from the Swedish word “gränd” which means ‘alley’, and the first part comes from a Swedish word “skit” which refers to excrement. Locating between backyards, the alley was supposedly used as an open sewer before the construction of the sewer network.

Kitukränni is said to be the most ______________ street in Finland.

Write the word in the poem (1) as well.

kitukränn kyltti
Ancient sign in Kitukränni, advicing residents not to litter their town.