21. President Kekkonen and car trouble

The President of the Republic of Finland Urho Kekkonen drove a black Cadillac. This car was seen curving around in Rauma in 1962, when Kekkonen was in town with his wife Sylvi, celebrating the day of work in Rauma and the town’s 520th anniversary. The popular sea-view route of Suvitie was completed just before the visit and the presidential couple was successfully transported around the city until the black Cadillac got stuck at the intersection of Eteläpitkäkatu and Isopoikkikatu. Despite several attempts, the car could not fit from the tight angle, and finally it had to be moved with manpower. Kekkonen has been said to comment the situation as follows: ”These streets do have their positive side – speed limits are probably never exceeded”. Kekkonen, who did not own a driving license, gave advice and orders to his drivers. “Let’s try going fast” and “I set the pace, not you” are famous comments shouted by the President from the backseat of the car.

The colour of Kekkonen’s car was ________

Write the word in the poem (10).

These steps of a former corner shop in Pihala house were too high for president´s Limousine.