11., 12., 13. Side trails; collect names of houses

In Old Rauma, each house has a name. Each house also has its own history, which can be explored by browsing old fire insurance records from the 1830s, construction drawings from the late 1800s, or confirmation books from even earlier times. People went to confession once a year, and the name of the visitor and the name of the visitor’s house were written in the church register.

The house names often derive, for example, from the inhabitants’ last or first names, the homesteads of those who moved in from the countryside, professions, and the names of islands around Rauma.

You can now explore the more quiet streets in the quarter behind Naulamäki and the market square, and collect amusing house names. At the same time, pay attention to the layered structure of the buildings, and think about the life in the World Heritage Site and the importance of preservation. What has been torn down, what is left, what kind of changes can you see?

Find the house names from the addresses and enter them in the poem.

Kiviniemenkatu 7 ___________ Pappilankatu 28 ____________

Vanhankirkonkatu 17_______________

If you don’t have time to find the correct names, enter an instrument (17), a predatory bird (12) and a cheerful emotion (23) in the poem.